I Am YOUR Doctor

Are Chiropractors Real Doctors?
April 29, 2018

I Am YOUR Doctor

Our bodies go through A LOT. Often, people dismiss significant traumas and injuries if they can walk away. However, motor vehicle collisions, falls, trampoline accidents, contact sports, etc. have major impacts on your spinal health and your overall health. Additionally, daily poor posture while you text, read, work on your computer, drive, watch television, etc. add up over time like a leaky pipe in the walls of your home. Little drips over years or decades add up to significant problems in the structural integrity, safety, and health of your home. It is no different for your spine. If you wait until your health is a problem, it can limit your ability to be as healthy as you want to be. So, how important do you think it is to know about your spinal health?

Your spine functions as structural support for your body and protection for your spinal cord and nerves. Vital information is sent from all over your body, through your nerves and spinal cord to your brain for processing. The brain sends strength and energy down your spinal cord and through your nerves to every single organ, tissue, muscle, and cell of your body to keep it functioning. The structure of your spine determines the function of your nervous system. So, how important do you think it is to know about your spinal health?

As you can see, spinal health needs to be a top priority. The first step is knowing about your spinal health. One of the most important aspects of my role as your chiropractor is to educate you about your spinal health and its impact on your overall health. Many people come into my clinic with various health conditions and symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, disc bulges, sciatica, scoliosis, whiplash, and many others. Others come in without health concerns but want to make sure their spine is healthy for wellness purposes. I will always perform a thorough exam and go over those results with you. It is my responsibility to effectively communicate:

  • the status of your spinal health;
  • any spinal conditions you may have;
  • how those spinal conditions are affecting your overall health;
  • and what I can do to help you achieve your health goals.

There are many ways that I can help you. It is my mission to help you make an educated and informed decision about the chiropractic care with which you are confident and comfortable. As YOUR doctor, I am grateful to have that opportunity.

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